Bejewelled in Kolkata – Kolkata Diaries II

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice,

It always complements what’s already there”

This totally defines my love for good jewellery. People who know me also know me for my taste in jewels. Never the traditional gold and diamond kinda’ girl, I’ve always loved the design more than the metal or the value of the jewel. For me, it’s the design and the intricacy. I’m a hoarder when it comes to handmade jewellery so when I took a trip to Kolkata two months ago, silver jewellery was high on the priority list for shopping. For those of you who have been reading my blog, you’d know by now that the real joy for me is when I get to shop from the local markets that are bustling with activity and swarming with people. It never tires me to be in crowded markets and narrow by-lanes leading to these markets. One such market in Kolkata is the ‘New Market’. The nomenclature of a lot of places in Kolkata is quite amusing. The new market must’ve been new a few decades ago, but continues to be referred as ‘new’. It’s home to one of the iconic silver jewellery shops, Chamba Lama. Originally from Darjeeling, this family runs the store from a big shop in New Market and keeps a wide range of silver jewellery sourced from all over the country. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I found lovely ear rings, finger rings and pendants at this shop. The service at the shop is commendable. My friend and I spent a good one-hour or so hunting for pieces we wanted to pick up from here. Trust me they had a huge collection and it wasn’t easy to settle for a few. Apart from Tibetan silver designs, they have some really nice contemporary as well as modern designs. The antique looking jewellery here is the highlight. I particularly loved a talisman pendant I picked up from here. The workmanship on this piece is simply stunning. I’m so glad I saw it.

The store from outside
Inside the store
Show window
Talisman pendant with superb Tibetan handwork
The talisman pendant other side

I also picked up some nice ear-rings and a finger ring which fetches me compliments every time I wear it. The prices here are super reasonable and they don’t bargain much, so more or less fixed. Two shops away is another silver jewellery store that had good reviews on Google so we went to take a look. It’s called ‘Karishmaz’. But this is a regular silver shop. After Chamba Lama, this place couldn’t catch our attention and we just surfed past and walked into Nauhom’s Bakery, the best old school bakery I have been to. This is the perfect stop over after shopping at Chamba Lama. I personally recommend it highly.

Temple work inspired ear rings
The craftsmanship is superb
The pendant other side and another pair of ear rings
Pearl studded drop rings
Nahoum Bakery
The iconic Nahoum & sons bakery

Slightly away from this lane is a cluster of a few silver ware and jewellery shops that keep some interesting stuff (move towards B 51). I found some interesting designs and unique silver ware here. These shops are also bustling with business always so it takes time to select and get billing done. If you are in New Market, this lane is definitely worth a look. We found some good trinkets here.

Another store
Interesting Silver ware, reasonable prices
More jewellery options
Busy shoppers
A stunning Hand cuff as part of a display

Pearl jewellery is also something I love and can never have enough. Chandrani Jewels is a lovely brand with a big store right on AJC Bose Road. I’ve shopped from here in the past and can vouch for the quality they sell. The designs have also evolved quite a lot over the years and I was quite impressed with the collection I saw this time.

Chandrani Pearls
My Favourite Pearl jewellery store

Apart from these I quite liked the jewellery at the popular Sienna Art Café near the iconic Byloom. They have some cool junk jewellery in copper and other non precious metals. Also some up-cycled fabric ones. Quite trendy stuff that can add a lot of drama to some daily wear clothing options. Ended up picking up some interesting rings and ear-rings from here.

Cafe Sienna
Jewellery display at Sienna
Sienna a lovely boutique & cafe

My trip to Kolkata was so full of shopping and eating that 3 days were just not enough. Me and my friend ended up making so many memories while shopping and eating in this ‘City of Joy’. When I look back I fondly remember all the places we went to and what all we did where, it was really very difficult to segregate and create two separate blogs for Sari and jewelry shopping but I’ve tried my best here and hope that fellow jewelry connoisseurs might benefit from my guide. Here’s wishing a Happy Shopping and Eating in Kolkata!!




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