Wardrobe for My Sparkles!

I have enough jewelry

– Said No one EVER!

Because for people like me there can’t be enough, ever! I’d once read somewhere that “Jewellery is a very personal thing…..it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it” and truer words could never have been said. More times than I can count I’ve gauged women and their personalities with the kind of jewellery choices they have. But please don’t take me for a snob. It’s not as if I don’t have friends who don’t care about jewellery. It’s just that I have open admiration for women who wear spectacular jewellery (that doesn’t mean solitaires). I love antique jewellery be it in silver or gold or copper or bronze. The elements of composition do not matter to me, but the design and the thought process does. And since there’s no dearth of this talent in the world that I live in, I’m constantly buying one piece of ornament or another. Be it for me or to adorn my near and dear ones. If I’m gifting jewellery to somebody then they definitely are in my good books (Wink!!)

As a result of this constant endeavour to acquire anything good that appeals to me, I have accumulated quite a collection over the past eight years (Eight coz I lost my earlier collection when our house got burgled in Bangalore) The problem of storing these jewels arose a couple of years ago when I realised that there’s far too much to be stored in a single stacking box or packet or trays. Also, some silver needs to be stored inside pouches whereas some needs to be aired constantly. Storing the daily wear jewellery was getting more and more frustrating. Most of the times I’d forget what I owned and since I dint see it for months at a stretch I would only recall it whilst stumbling upon it one fine day. A little bit of search on google promptly provided the solution, a Jewellery Cabinet! And the project began.

I found really good cabinets available for sale online in most countries but India. There were many convenient designs and patterns to choose from, alas, I couldn’t have any shipped to India without paying a substantial sum in custom and import duties so I thought of getting one customised here. Pinterest came to my rescue and I surfed through numerous DIYs for Jewellery boudoirs and pinned a few that I liked.

After much research, I knew exactly what I wanted. The cabinet had to go on the wall in my bedroom but it would’ve hung there looking like an ugly cabinet in the middle of nowhere. After much thought it dawned upon me that I can customize the door since everything is getting built from scratch anyway. A friend helped me put a collage of some family pictures. For the base I bought beautiful handmade paper from #Templetree boutique in Bangalore. Some paper cut outs from #Itsy Bitsy (Craft store) and voila! the screen background was set. A carpenter was hired thereafter and the project started taking shape.

The insides of the unit were panelled with black velvet (fabric) to give it a soft look & feel, and also because it’s a good material for most silver jewellery. The back of the door has ear ring holders that also serve as finger ring holders for the over sized cocktail beauties in my collection. The same panel helps store see through airtight packets that hold my special silver ear rings.


I did a whole panel of pin up soft board (lined with velvet on top) with carefully made cuts to hold finger rings and studs. It’s a really nice display of all my finger rings and studs in a single place where I can see and take my pick everyday.


For the jewellery that’s too delicate or complicated to be hung or pinned on to the soft board, I got two trays done with the same velvet lining. The bottom shelf holds a few boxes of trinkets as well, that need to be kept away from air and direct light in order to sparkle forever.

Trays with velvet panels

The cabinet also has an ample number of hooks for my neck pieces that can be easily hung. For the heavier ones I have used the velvet lined trays. Its such a relief to see the whole display together finally. Really happy that I finally have a wardrobe for most of my sparkles!

Inside the cabinet


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