Jewelry Hunting in Coorg


The coffee country, Coorg, is one of the most popular weekend getaways for folks in Bangalore. It resembles any beautiful hill countryside with coffee estates all around. From the Dak bungalows of Tata Coffee estate to Taj Madikeri, Coorg offers a variety of options for people to stay at. I’ve made three trips to Coorg and every trip has been a discovery of sorts. I’ve done the tourist trip complete with the visits to all hot spots in the area and after having been there and done that, by the third trip my list of ‘Things to do in Coorg’ was pretty much bare.

In my last trip we got a chance to stay with a family that runs a quiet and no frills homestay inside their coffee plantation. It felt like staying with a long lost relative, with a familiar comfort but some interesting conversations about the life in Coorg. The food was great and so was the hospitality and one day I got talking about silver jewelry shopping in Coorg, more like asking, the lady of the house on what to buy and where.

So I was told about Muliya Jewellers in Coorg, found the place easily on google and what I saw there awakened me to the world of Kodava jewelry!! Like any other sub cultural groups in India, Coorgis also have their unique signature jewelry, mostly in gold but available also in silver. The things I liked the most are the ‘Paunchi’, which has gold grains in two or three recurrent rows, a work of art indeed, looks more like flower buds arranged in neat rows that adorn a woman’s wrist. A similar design is also worn as a necklace. Made with the same beads. These stunning designs are available both in gold and silver.

I chose to buy the set for myself along with a pendant called the ‘Kokkethathi’, which is a crescent shaped pendant. It has the image of Goddess Lakshmi on it, flanked by two birds and a cobra with distended hood. There are rubies all over this design which is said to represent wealth and fertility. Needless to say, this particular jewel, is meant to be worn by married Coorgi women. The more traditional ones can have pearl drops all along the crescent but mine has corals instead. The design has a nice ethnic look.


I like the Kokkethathi a lot but the silver on it was pretty shiny and white when I bought it. Since I wasn’t too happy with that sheen, I googled for a DIY oxidization method and believe me I found one. The best part is that it’s a completely natural way of oxidizing my jewels at home using…… wait for it…..EGGS!!!

Sharing this easy DIY to oxidize your silver jewelry at home!


Step 1: Boil eggs to hardboiled form

Step 2: Don’t eat the eggs but put the eggs (with the shell intact) inside a zip pouch and seal it

Step 3: Beat the eggs, shell and all, to small bits with a rolling pin

Step 4: Open the bag and place the silver article inside and seal again

Step 5: Keep checking every couple of hours to see if the oxidization is enough or not. Leave for longer time if it doesn’t seem enough.

Step 6: In almost 8 to 10 hours, the article is oxidized as much as it can, so open the bag and take the article out. Wash it thoroughly with dish washer soap and water.

Voila, you get the oxidized silver at home! Easy and fun way!


There are other interesting pieces of Coorgi jewelry that can be found in this shop. While there, the store manager told me that they also have an outlet in Bangalore so you can go pick some pieces for yourself. They are located in Manipal Centre MG Road.

I’m quite fascinated by ‘Kodava’ jewelry and I’m sure my blog will give you a peek into a whole new world of Indian ethnic designs. So when you visit Coorg next, go take a look and make your own discovery!


5 thoughts on “Jewelry Hunting in Coorg

  1. Ya you are right. The pendent looks bit bright in silver, but the oxidized one more breathtaking. Good that you found and shared the procedure for oxidization.

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